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More Sophisticated Technology Makes Investment Easier

PT Bibit Grows Together (Bibit) and PT Bank Jago Tbk (Bank Jago) continue to invite the Indonesian people to have a financial plan and make it easy, practical and seamless. With the interconnectedness of these two financial services, Bibit and Bank Jago are committed to continuing to increase people's enthusiasm for investing. 

One of them is through the "Saving Routine Challenge". In the "Saving Routine Challenge" every user who invests in mutual funds in Bibit with a minimum transaction of IDR 500 thousand every month for three consecutive months and using the Jago autodebit payment method, will immediately get a cashback of IDR 50 thousand in the form of a Seed referral balance.

This challenge can be followed by Seed users who are taking a similar challenge for the first time and do not apply multiples. 

"We realize that consistency in investing is still an obstacle for some people. There are those who are just enthusiastic at the beginning, then they get slack and forget their investment goals. 

We hold this Routine Savings Challenge to motivate users so that they are disciplined in achieving their respective financial goals We provide the Routine Challenge Savings without a quota, progress can be monitored in the Bibit application and can be repeated if it turns out that the user fails in the middle of the road," said Bibit's PR & Corporate Communication Lead, William. 

"As a life-centric finance solution, Bank Jago continues to strive to understand the needs of the community, including the financial challenges that are often experienced in their daily lives. One of the challenges is that many people want to separate money easily and safely so that they are not mixed for different needs. But the reality is not as easy as imagined. 

Therefore, we always present innovative features in the Jago application. Through the Nabung Rutin Challenge program, together with Bibit, we want to enable users to become better at investing more easily and consistently, "said the Head of Sustainability Bank Jago Andy Djiwandono.

With the Nabung Rutin feature, Bibit users who have opened a Bank Jago account can invest in mutual funds on a regular basis with a timeframe and frequency that can be tailored to their needs. In addition, Jago application users who have invested in Bibit can directly check the investment portfolio in the Jago application in their Seed Bag. 

Meanwhile, the philosophy behind the Routine Savings feature is the Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) method. DCA is a simple method where users invest the same amount of money every month or every week. This strategy will help disciplined users to buy more units when prices go down and less when prices go up. Without having to care about economic conditions. 

It doesn't matter if the price is going up or down. This method is also advocated by investment gurus such as Warren Buffett. 

William added, the habit of investing regularly can have a positive effect on the achievement of one's financial goals. The Indonesia Millennial Report 2019 released data that only about 2% of millennials allocate their monthly expenditures for investment. Meanwhile, the results of a survey from a property marketplace in the second quarter of 2021 found that more than 50% of the millennial generation admitted that it was difficult to buy a house because they did not have enough savings. 

In the capital market, although the number of investors continues to increase from time to time, the fact is that only about 4% of Indonesians of productive age have become investors in the capital market. 

"Observing these facts, we hope that like a thousand-mile journey that must begin with one step, the Nabung Rutin Challenge can be the first step for the Indonesian people to prepare for a better financial future, whether it's to buy a dream house, a vehicle, travel to the Holy Land, preparing for the cost of children's education or other financial goals," said William. 

In the future, Bibit and Bank Jago will continue to present various innovations and interesting features that will further enhance the user experience in saving, investing, and managing finances while continuing to focus on making their lives easier.

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